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Lowell Reese, Kentucky Gazette

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Program 3124
4/15/05: Senate Majority Floor Leader Bill Frist will join an attack on Congressional Democrats from a Kentucky church next Sunday. The charge will be that they are against people of faith when they block President Bush’s judicial nominees. Meanwhile, state Democrats gossip about the next Kentucky governor’s race. (#3124)

Program 3130
5/27/05: More on the merit system muddle/mess: The governor comes back and fights back, and a special grand jury will hear Stumbo’s charges. It was another week of the political feeding frenzy in Frankfort. (#3130)

Program 3215
2/10/06: The building buzz—big bucks, private and public; the Bush budget’s impact on the Bluegrass State; $10 million to lobby the legislature; and missing miners and missing mountains. (#3215)

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