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Ronnie Ellis, Community Newspapers of Kentucky (CNHI News Service)

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 3211
1/13/06: Will the new legislature be like a second term or a second chance for Gov. Ernie Fletcher? How will he finance his wish list, especially education? How divisive is the Fletcher agenda? And what about those Louisville Democrats—are they all shook up? (#3211)

Program 3216
2/17/06: Grading the General Assembly at mid-term. Gov. Fletcher is sidelined by surgery. And a double win for Democrats in special legislative elections. (#3216)

Program 3219
3/10/06: Fletcher’s health—a worrisome clot. That House budget—also more than the governor wanted. Plus the arena dispute, tax breaks for businesses, utility issues, and rules of the road. (#3219)

Program 3220
3/17/06: Is the governor losing political muscle? And why is the Senate hacked off at the courts? (#3220)

Program 3222
3/31/06: Legislative leaders reach a budget agreement. And with the lawmaking session in its final hours, outcomes are in view—the good, the bad, and the ugly. (#3222)

Program 3228
5/12/06: Three misdemeanor counts in an indictment of Gov. Fletcher. What do we have here? Evidence of political wrongdoing, or of political ineptitude? And as for the attorney general’s office: Just doing their duty, or is it partisan politics in a world, where, as they say, “a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich”? (#3228)

Program 3229
5/19/06: The Supreme Court upholds the governor’s pardon powers. But elsewhere, Republicans are under siege. (#3229)

Program 3232
6/9/06: Fletcher fights back, aided by Robbie Rudolph and two other appointees in the shuffle over Steve Pence—minus one press secretary. (#3232)

Program 3234
6/23/06: A special session to fix small business taxes—but why do they need fixing? The flap over Chief Justice Joseph Lambert’s Fletcher footnote—a signal for acquittal? And global warming—coal takes a lot of blame, and Kentuckians feel the heat. (#3234)

Program 3241
8/11/06: Fletcher’s legal limbo and Fancy Farm fallout. Grayson for governor? Guest host: political observer and attorney John David Dyche. (#3241)

Program 3243
8/25/06: Big news and a big deal for the governor, reading political tea leaves, and the latest grades on higher education. Guest host: Linda Blackford of the Lexington Herald-Leader. (#3243)

Program 3246
9/15/06: Louisville’s Ford plants are safe—for now. Also, Fletcher’s second team for a second term (perhaps), outgoing Education Commissioner Gene Wilhoit’s big shoes, and another contract for Oakwood. (#3246)

Program 3252
10/27/06: Less than two weeks before the election, Democrats are breathing down the necks of incumbent Republicans in three Kentucky races for Congress. Former President Bill Clinton stumps in Louisville, where John Yarmuth has drawn ahead of incumbent Anne Northup. Northup breaks with President Bush and says Rumsfeld should be fired. The Kentucky legislature may stay the same—Republican in the Senate and Democrat in the House—but who’s certain? (#3252)

Program 3303
11/17/06: State Auditor Crit Luallen and Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson are out of the Democratic race for governor. So even with low, low ratings and a critical grand jury report, is Gov. Ernie Fletcher that much of a long shot for a second term? Does Republican gubernatorial candidate Billy Harper keep other GOPs out of the primary? What is Congressman Hal Rogers thinking? And what does it mean to Kentucky to have U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell as minority leader and Mike Duncan as national Republican chairman? (#3303)

Program 3305
12/1/06: Ben Chandler chooses Congress over the governor’s race as other Democrats dither. Ernie Fletcher files for re-election, and the Democrats debate who can take him out. Also, a look at our changing culture, business, and politics. (#3305)

Program 3310
1/5/07: A shakeup in the legislature brings new faces. Issues this short session include the vetoed projects—they’re back. Who’s on board in the governor’s race? Show me the money. In Western Kentucky, corn and coal are top dollar. And oh yes, another shakeup: The burley co-op dumps leader Danny McKinney. (#3310)

Program 3312
1/19/07: Can a Republican woman from Louisville defeat an incumbent from Lexington and another challenger from Paducah in a primary race for governor? Or, to put it another way, can the second Republican governor since World War II hold onto his seat despite low poll ratings that have brought out several opponents in both major political parties? And if this is Anne Northup’s week to make the news, will Speaker Jody Richards make the headlines next week? (#3312)

Program 3313
1/26/07: The new tickets are Richards and Brown, Henry and True, and Gatewood and friend. The hot buzz for the weekend is that Bruce Lunsford and Greg Stumbo may announce Monday. And two others announced earlier. So who are the Democrats to beat? (#3313)

Program 3315
2/9/07: The candidates are out of the gate. The governor reaches for the lead with two speeches. His rivals are running on the governorís record, or rather against it. And, what are the citizens of Kentucky getting, policy or politics? (#3315)

Program 3317
2/23/07: The politics of the governorís race seems to drive decisions in the legislatureóor stall them, water them down, or kill them. Why are we not surprised? (#3317)

Program 3318
3/2/07: Lt. Gov. Steve Pence scorches Gov. Ernie Fletcher while endorsing Anne Northup. Fletcher is thrown some scraps as the state House of Representatives slaps a lid on spending. President Bush flies in for Sen. Mitch McConnell, but both are losing altitude in the polls. (#3318)

Program 3320
3/16/07: Gov. Ernie Fletcher and Bruce Lunsford are on the air. State lawmakers go home for two and a half weeks with little to show for the session, but still a lot of horse-trading to be done. (#3320)

Program 3321
3/23/07: Is Big Blue basketball too much for Coach Tubby Smith—and too much for Kentucky’s own good? The pension clash is a cliffhanger, and the fate of favored projects is in doubt in the final days of the legislative session. And we present notes from a reporter’s handbook on how citizens can play the game of politics by asking the right questions. (#3321)

Program 3410
1/4/08: The governor declares a Kentucky "budget crisis" and announces cuts across much of state government. Lawmakers pack up for the trip to Frankfort to deal with issues like casino gambling, pension problems and motorcycle helmets. And, the presidential race begins with a caucus...but you couldn't prove it here; is Kentucky's primary too late to count? Bill Bryant, political reporter and anchor of WKYT-TV, Channel 27 in Lexington guest hosts. Guests: John Stamper; Lexington Herald-Leader; Stephenie Steitzer, The Courier-Journal in Louisville; and Ronnie Ellis of CNHI News Service. (#3410)

Program 3423
4/4/08: The Kentucky General Assembly passes a lean budget, and one representative says teachers got the shaft. Some legislators are unhappy with the budget process. The governor warns about a special session if the economy continues to stumble. And a former governor says this governor could have done a better job with the casino amendment. (#3423)

Prorgam 3429
5/16/08: Hillary wants to run up the score in Kentucky. The Democratic Senate primary gets muddy. Kentucky gets a new chief justice. Senator Williams sues Governor Beshear over the governor's veto of the road projects bill. And, if you have a spare six-and-a-half billion, GE's Appliance park is for sale. Guests: Mark Hebert, State Capitol reporter for WHAS-TV, Channel 11 in Louisville; Ronnie Ellis of CNHI News Service's Frankfort bureau; and Bill Bartleman, political writer for The Paducah Sun joins the program by telephone in Western Kentucky. (#3429)

Program 3432
Governor Steve Beshear appoints Paul Patton to the higher ed council. Legislators resume discussions to deal with the state pension crisis. What did the education commissioner know about the extras for his car, and when did he know it? The governor bans discrimination based on sexual orientation. A major economic development opportunity for West Kentucky. And, Senate office renovations will have to wait. Guests: Bill Bartleman, political reporter for the Paducah Sun; Ronnie Ellis, Frankfort reporter for CNHI Inc.; and Tom Loftus, Frankfort Bureau chief for the Louisville Courier-Journal. (#3432)

Program 3435
The Governor signs the pension reform bill, but tough decisions still face the legislature. State colleges and universities feel the pinch as the new fiscal year arrives. Kentucky officially gets a new chief justice. The U.S. Supreme Court scuttles the Millionaire's agreement, and that could affect Kentucky's Senate Race. And Big Oil visits Frankfort. Guests: Ronnie Ellis, Frankfort reporter for CNHI News Service in Frankfort; Nancy Rodriguez, higher education reporter for the Louisville Courier-Journal; and Greg Stotelmyer, political reporter for WTVQ-TV/Lexington. (#3435)

Program 3440
Comment on Kentucky heads to Western Kentucky for the 128th annual Fancy Farm picnic where the political theatre and speechifying is as hot as the temperature and spicy barbecue. (#3440)

Program 3448
9/26/08: Legislative Research Commission Director Bobby Sherman marches toward a big pay raise. Democrat U.S. Senate nominee Bruce Lunsford pulls withing three points. And, the blacktop case takes some turns. Guests: Mark Hebert, state capitol reporter with WHAS-TV in Louisville, hosts this broadcast. Guests: Tom Loftus, Frankfort bureau chief of The Courier-Journal; Jack Brammer, senior Frankfort correspondent for the Lexington Herald-Leader; and Ronnie Ellis, Frankfort reporter for CNHI News Service. (#3448)

Program 3506
12.12.08 Governor Beshear explains how he wants to cut state government. The governor also supports a big increase in the cigarette tazx again. And, Kentucky turns to a one-time New York school administrator to be the boss of higher education in Kentucky. (#3506)

Program 3512
1.23.09: Senator Bunning's absence from Capitol Hill raises questions about his future in Washington. Speaker Stumbo pitches his gambling bill. The governor bats five-hundred in court. And a scandal at the Lexington airport involving hundreds of thousands of dollars. Scheduled Guests: Patrick Crowley, political reporter for the Kentucky Enquirer; Ronnie Ellis, Frankfort reporter for CNHI News Service; and Jennifer Hewlett, reporter for the Lexington Herald-Leader (#3512)

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