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Ryan Alessi, Lexington Herald-Leader

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 3316
2/16/07: The legislature gets off to a fast start and deals with numerous issues. The governor’s race is exciting on both sides, as Democratic and Republican candidates fight for their party’s nomination. And a report says Kentucky’s goal of increasing college enrollment is hurt by skyrocketing tuition. (#3316)

Program 3325
4/20/07: Debating the debates and adding up the ads: Are there any new ideas out there? (#3325)

Program 3336
7/6/07: Isn’t that special? Gov. Ernie Fletcher and House Democrats feud about bringing the General Assembly back to Frankfort. Is the governor’s race a referendum on Fletcher or on expanded gambling? How are females faring in Kentucky politics? And big changes are coming in the Bluegrass blogosphere. (#3336)

Program 3348
9/28/07: Officials propose a two-year freeze on tuition prices at the state’s technical and community colleges. Will it bring more students to the door? The U.S. Supreme Court will decide the fate of lethal injection in Kentucky. Is the governor’s race Steve Beshear’s to lose? Or could an old legal case come back to haunt him? What important issues are the candidates not talking about—but should be? And, who are all of those other names on the November ballot? (#3348)

Program 3401
11/2/07: Down to the wire: Fletcher’s case, Beshear’s case—their best and worst arguments for themselves and against the other guy. What isn’t so clear at this point: their education issues, that tight budget next year, pension benefits, environmental concerns ... and where will they get the money to keep their promises? (#3401)

Program 3405
11/30/07: The state school board thumbs its collective nose at the governor-elect and names a new commissioner. Steve Beshear continues to stock his cabinet with some familiar names. Ethics issues arise over a promotion and an appointment. The transition continues over dinner at the Governor’s Mansion. And, Kentucky Republicans start to pick their favorites in next year’s presidential sweepstakes. (#3405)

Program 3420
3/4/08: The governor says the House budget could lead to cuts in services. But, the House budget chair says the governor is fearmongering. The state Senate passes pension reform and a revised, tougher bullying bill. Two democrats who want Mitch McConnell's job debate in Louisville. Lots of slots for Indiana and tolls for bridges across the Ohio. (#3420)

Program 3438
7/18/08: The fall U.S. Senate campaign begins with a gas, gas, gas... In Beshear we trust. Republicans and Democrats fight for the right to get ZAPPED. Mark Hebert, State Capitol reporter for WHAS-TV, Channel 11 in Louisville guest hosts. Guests: Ryan Alessi, political writer for the Lexington Herald-Leader; Stephenie Steitzer, Frankfort bureau reporter for The Courier-Journal; and Roger Alford, reporter with the Associated Press. (#3438)

Program 3441
Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Bruce Lunsford makes a campaign adjustment and goes on the attack. The Feds hear emotional comments about underground safety chambers for coal miners. The education commissioner doesn't want a raise. The governor provides some zip for Zap. And, the Ten Commandments for candidates. (#3441)

program 3453
10.31.08 The latest poll shows the race for the U-S Senate in Kentucky is still a nail-biter. The battle intensifies for the vacant congressional seat in west-central Kentucky.The congressional candidates in Louisville give the voters two clear choices. And, the governor says Frankfort needs another 300-million bucks. Scheduled Guests: Ryan Alessi, political writer for the Lexington Herald-Leader; Deborah Yetter, human services and government reporter for The Courier-Journal in Louisville; and Owen Covington, political writer for the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer (#3453)

Program 3506
12.12.08 Governor Beshear explains how he wants to cut state government. The governor also supports a big increase in the cigarette tazx again. And, Kentucky turns to a one-time New York school administrator to be the boss of higher education in Kentucky. (#3506)

Program 3514
2.6.9: Legislative leaders promise a budget with new taxes. The governor wants a review of school reform. The president declares most of the state a federal disaster area. And, some hammered districts may get to waive some school days. Scheduled guests: Ryan Alessi, higher education writer for the Lexington Herald-Leader; Mark Hebert, State Capitol reporter for WHAS-TV, Channel 11 in Louisville and Owen Covington, Frankfort reporter for the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer. (#3514)

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