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Andy Wolfson, The Courier-Journal

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 3317
2/23/07: The politics of the governorís race seems to drive decisions in the legislatureóor stall them, water them down, or kill them. Why are we not surprised? (#3317)

Program 3345
9/7/07: Tennessee and Hollywood’s Fred Thompson, TV’s Mr. Law and Order, strolls into the race for president. But in the real world in Kentucky, what happened when we tried to lock up all the suspects and bad guys and throw away the keys? Plus, the governor’s race: All the excitement of a good nap? And, more about the law: Those fen-phen attorneys are jailed for sticky fingers; Shane Ragland pleads guilty to murdering a student and walks free; and there are three nominees for the Kentucky Supreme Court. And we look at questions about Gov. Ernie Fletcher’s friends in higher education: Is it stacked against the Democrats? Will a business buddy be the next chairman at the University of Kentucky? (#3345)

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