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Owen Covington, Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer

This guest appears on the following programs:
Program 3422
3/28/08: Governor Beshear finally folds on the casino amendment. Almost half of the Kentuckians surveyed say they disapprove of the governor's job performance so far. The presidential race comes to Kentucky. And Senate President David Williams and House budget chair Harry Moberly sit down in public to the settle the budget dispute. (#3422)

Program 3449
10.3.08. Did a turbulent week on Wall Street and in Congress shake the Kentucky political landscape? A Courier-Journal poll shows the Senate contest getting tight. And, the latest on the race to fill the congressional seat in west-central Kentucky. Guests: Joseph Gerth, political writer for The Courier-Journal and Owen Covington, political reporter for the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer; and Greg Stotelmyer, state capitol reporter for WTVQ-TV, Channel 36 in Lexington. (#3449)

program 3453
10.31.08 The latest poll shows the race for the U-S Senate in Kentucky is still a nail-biter. The battle intensifies for the vacant congressional seat in west-central Kentucky.The congressional candidates in Louisville give the voters two clear choices. And, the governor says Frankfort needs another 300-million bucks. Scheduled Guests: Ryan Alessi, political writer for the Lexington Herald-Leader; Deborah Yetter, human services and government reporter for The Courier-Journal in Louisville; and Owen Covington, political writer for the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer (#3453)

Program 3514
2.6.9: Legislative leaders promise a budget with new taxes. The governor wants a review of school reform. The president declares most of the state a federal disaster area. And, some hammered districts may get to waive some school days. Scheduled guests: Ryan Alessi, higher education writer for the Lexington Herald-Leader; Mark Hebert, State Capitol reporter for WHAS-TV, Channel 11 in Louisville and Owen Covington, Frankfort reporter for the Owensboro Messenger-Inquirer. (#3514)

August 7, 2009
Panelists: Alford, Covington, Steitzer, Walser (#3540)

November 13, 2009
Panelists: Covington, Patton, Rodriguez (#3602)

May 28, 2010
Panelists: Brammer, Covington, Lucke, Yetter (#3630)

August 6, 2010
From Fancy Farm
Panelists: Bartleman, Covington, Ellis (#3640)

September 3, 2010 (recorded September 2, 2010)
Panelists: Brammer, Covington, Hall (#3644)

November 12, 2010 (recorded November 10, 2010)
Panelists: Bartleman, Covington, Ellis (#3702)

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