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Christopher 2X, Ceremonial Healing Group

Activist Christopher 2X is a voice for victims in Louisville whose advocacy has grown out of his concern for community.

In January 2004, after 19-year-old Michael Newby was killed in a police shooting, 2X emerged as a spokesman for Newby’s mother and stepfather, Angela and Jerry Bouggess. Today, 2X is a familiar face at local crime scenes, acting as a liaison among grieving families, police, reporters, and the public. He is not paid for his involvement.

Born Christopher Bryant in Jeffersonville, IN, 2X spent his childhood both there and in Louisville. He admits that he had a troubled childhood. He was dealing drugs by age 14 and dropped out of school in the 11th grade. His problems with drugs plagued him in his adult life as well, leading him to prison. He also served time for theft. But by March 1999, 2X knew something had to change ... and he set out to help heal the community he’d once hurt.

Currently, Christopher 2X works with a nonprofit organization called the Ceremonial Healing Group, which he founded. The group’s goal is to improve the economic conditions and social empowerment of people in the West End, particularly young mothers. To learn more, contact the Ceremonial Healing Group at 1800 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd., Louisville, KY 40203, (502) 589-4009.

Program 106
The Kentucky Nurses Association, Actors Theatre of Louisville scenic designer Paul Owen, the Portland Museum, and community leader Christopher 2X. (#106)