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Bryan Warren, Crane House

Bryan Warren is executive director of Crane House, The Asia Institute, Inc., a non-profit Asian cultural organization in Louisville. Bryan oversees the operations and planning of the organization’s programs and resources to serve its mission to build understanding between the peoples of Asia and the United States through the arts and education.

Although not a native of Louisville, he has been involved with the local arts and cultural community for ten years, first at the Portland Museum and also at the Speed Art Museum.

Bryan is also a working artist, community organizer and curator. As an artist, he has exhibited drawings, ceramics and sculpture throughout the United States.

He has worked with communities throughout the Southeast region to create community-based art projects and served as a consultant on community-driven arts programming. Bryan has also curated exhibitions in Louisville, Cincinnati, and Birmingham, Ala.

Bryan is an avid traveler, reader and sports enthusiast. He loves to attend local art events and is passionate about the role of arts in his community. He lives in the Highlands Neighborhood with his wife Jocelyn, their two boys, and two cats.

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