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Since the mid-1980s, Brightside has been promoting civic pride by partnering with citizens to keep Louisville clean, green, and environmentally aware. Brightside’s special projects and programs range from pre-Derby cleanups and the Green Mile to the Fred Wiche Award and environmental education programs.

Brightside is part of Metro government but also relies on support from donors, sponsors, and volunteers. Some of its accomplishments and activities:

  • Every year Brightside donates thousands of trays of flowers and gives dozens of grants to neighborhoods for beautification projects.
  • Brightside oversees 13 community gardens where residents can rent “grow-your-own” plots. In 2005, the 1,600 participating gardeners donated more than 12 tons of produce to local shelters for the needy.
  • Brightside spends about $25,000 annually for the gloves, trash bags, brooms, and rakes used in small-area and citywide cleanups.
  • The agency also oversees anti-litter and environmental programs in local schools.
Program 121
Tracing your roots, Apple Patch, Brightside, Cathedral of the Assumption, and U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth. (#121)