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10/9 am
on KET

5:30/4:30 pm
on KET2

Americana Community Center

There are thousands of people living in Louisville who came here from other countries.

Step inside a building in the city’s south end, and in a matter of minutes you'll meet a man who speaks Spanish, a mother from Bosnia and children from South America. The building is the Americana Community Center, which provides everything from tutoring to tax help for refugees and immigrants.

The Americana Center welcomes individuals or groups who'd like to volunteer. For more information or to make a donation, please call 502-366-7813.

Program 210
Louisville Life visits Ireland, the Americana Community Center, and Chef Peng Looi's restaurants August Moon and Asiatique. Guest is Claudia Peralta-Mudd, international program specialist with Louisville Metro Goverment and local entrepreneur.