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Alley Cat Advocates (ACA)

Not only is October National Animal Safety and Protection Month, it is also the month in which National Feral Cat Day falls.

In recognition, "Louisville Life" spotlights Alley Cat Advocates - a non-profit organization that works to control the population of Louisville’s feral and unowned cat colonies.

Not only is the organization a voice for the voiceless, but their helping hands have made them guardian angels to some of the city’s tiniest residents. In this story, "Louisville Life" shows you how.

This segment features a trapping tag-a-long with long-time ACA volunteer Jessica Pitts.

The Advocates believe their Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program is the most humane and effective solution to cat overpopulation.

For more on Alley Cat Advocates, how to volunteer or to donate, visit their website.

According to the Advocates, “In Jefferson County alone, every man, woman and child would have to own 45 cats in order to give every cat a home. Nationally, only 32 percent of households own any cats.”

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Author Susan Reigler, award-winning designer Clifton Nicholson, Alley Cat Advocates and remembering Louisville's White City amusement park. (#402)