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10/9 am
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5:30/4:30 pm
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Cave Hill Cemetery

Cave Hill Cemetery has been called Louisville's "beautiful city of the dead."

If it were a city, with the deceased counted in a census - it would be one of Kentucky's largest, smaller only than Lexington and Louisville, the city that now surrounds it.

Once Cave Hill Farm, Cave Hill Cemetery was dedicated in July 1848. Today it encompasses 300 acres, a national cemetery, and is the final resting place for many famous Louisvillians, including KFC's Colonel Harlan Sanders and artist Barney Bright.

In this segment, Louisville Life takes a look at the remarkable design, history, and even future of this historic property.

Program 205
Biography of filmmaker Tod Browning, a visit to Cave Hill Cemetery, the history of Corn Island, a breathtaking bed & breakfast near Central Park, and David Domine', author of Ghosts of Old Louisville. (#205)