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Fillies Queen Anniversary

One of the Kentucky Derby Festivalís oldest and most anticipated events is the Fillies Ball, which caps the opening day of the Derby Festival.

Louisville Life celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Fillies Ball (2008) as the Fillies Club brings together five decades of Kentucky Derby Festival royal courts. This year's Fillies Derby Ball, will be held Friday, April 18, at the Galt House.

Five of the most visible symbols of each year's Kentucky Derby Festival are the Princesses, who act as ambassadors and represent the community at a variety of functions, including an appearance on NBC's Today Show. These young women - one of whom is selected as Queen - enjoy a whirlwind of Derby Festival activities, attending nearly every Festival event over a two-week period.

The highlight of the Derby Ball is the coronation of the Derby Festival Queen, to be selected by the traditional spin-of-the wheel. In her first royal act, the Queen will "knight" individuals to the Court of the Pegasus for their contributions to the community.

Founded in 1959 by Frances Askew Davis, the 17-member Fillies Club began their history of volunteer service to the Kentucky Derby Festival. From crowning the first Derby Queen at the Official Derby Ball , the group has grown to an active membership of 250 and were incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1971. For more on The Fillies, click here.

The Commonwealth's largest single annual event, and one of Louisville's most popular entertainment attractions, is the celebration produced by Kentucky Derby Festival, Inc., a private, not-for-profit civic organization.

The Festival is not affiliated directly with Churchill Downs or the Kentucky Derby. It is a separate organization. The Festival celebrates the horse race, and the unique spirit of the community at "Derby" time.

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Program 221
Derby City Roller Girls, Louisville independently-owned restaurants, the Fillies' Derby Ball 50th Anniversary, and the sweet history of Schimpff's Confectionery. President & CEO of Kentucky Derby Festival Mike Berry is our guest. (#221)