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10/9 am
on KET

5:30/4:30 pm
on KET2

Surekha Kulkarni, Bead Artist

Like the unique jewelry she assembles, designer Surekha Kulkarni’s life has been a beautiful surprise. Though she didn’t come to America with the idea of being an artist—she says it’s a hidden talent she discovered 20 years after leaving her native India—Kulkarni has now strung together quite a life for herself in Louisville as a creator of traditionally inspired jewelry.

Kulkarni says that she loves sharing her culture with the people of Louisville. In addition to designing jewelry, she often teaches beading for the Jefferson County Public Schools Adult and Continuing Education program. She also teaches Indian cooking on occasion.

For more on Kulkarni’s custom jewelry, contact Beaded Treasures at (502) 228-6969 or To learn when you might catch her next class, contact Jefferson County Public Schools Adult and Continuing Education at (502) 485-3400.

Program 107
Hollywood actor Denny Miller, the University of Louisville’s Tarzan collection, Indian bead artist Surekha Kulkarni, the facts about Kentucky “seafood,” and an interview with Mayor Jerry Abramson. (#107)