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10/9 am
on KET

5:30/4:30 pm
on KET2

Anne Peabody, 21c Glass Art Exhibit

"Louisville Life" meets artist Anne Peabody, a native Louisvillian, who now resides in New York City.

In 2010, Peabody returned to the River City to install a multi-media, site-specific exhibit entitled “Wheel of Fortune” at the unique 21c Museum Hotel. A survivor of the 1974 tornado that struck Louisville, Ky. Peabody says she was inspired by the storm to create the art piece.

The finished piece measures approximately 24-feet in height and 18-feet across at its widest point. It includes a collage of thousands of silvered wood carvings that represent objects found in the wake of a tornado.

Peabody was born in Louisville, Kentucky, and received her MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York in 2004.

Program 425
"Louisville Life" looks at a new documentary about the Louisville Orchestra, visits with the Glass Art Society, meets the artist behind a unique multimedia exhibit at the 21c Museum Hotel, and more. (#425)