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10/9 am
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5:30/4:30 pm
on KET2

Paul Paletti Gallery

Paul Paletti Gallery

The Paul Paletti Gallery was founded in July 2001 by attorney and photography collector Paul Paletti.

Louisville Life visits Paul Paletti Gallery and finds out why photography holds such a strong fascination for Paletti and how he chooses the exquisite works to feature in his gallery.

The gallery exhibits historic and contemporary photographic artworks of museum quality, in which the photographer combines a superlative degree of technical virtuosity along with a distinctive vision. The gallery educates the public about photography as a sophisticated art medium that is varied, beautiful, and highly collectible. The gallery is located at 713 E Market Street, Louisville.

Paul Paletti Paletti is a Louisville native. He attended Middlebury College for 3 years before transferring to the University of New Mexico where he studied with Beaumont Newhall, Van Deren Coke, and Ray Metzker and received a BFA in photography. Paletti earned an MA in photography at Central Washington University in 1975 and his JD at the University of Louisville in 1987. He has been a partner in the law firm of Sturm, Paletti, and Wilson since 1994.

Paletti serves on the Board of Directors for: Louisville Visual Arts Association, Louisville Fund for the Visual Art, Kentucky Cancer Research Foundation, and LOOK at Louisville Visual Arts.

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