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YouthBuild Louisville

YouthBuild Louisville, an award-winning program that helps at-risk young people acquire academic credentials and develop employment and life management skills, has expanded its programs into the environmental arena.

From Al Gore to grocery store bags, there’s a new focus on being “green.” Look around Louisville, and you’ll see what happens when young adults get involved in environmental work through YouthBuild.

The E-Corps program uses YouthBuild Louisville’s successful formula to provide young people with environmental work skills in the growing area of “green” building and conservation. Along the way, it also aims to engage them as lasting stewards of our natural resources. E-Corps incorporates proven programming from the National Service and Conservation Corps, a youth environmental program operating in 41 states.

The teens featured in this Louisville Life segment worked for weeks to make a difference. The results are obvious both “on the ground” and in their enthusiastic comments about the project.

Program 201
Newly retired Brown-Forman executive Owsley Brown II, YouthBuild Louisville, The Kentucky Center Governor's School for the Arts, the history of Louisville's Southern Expo, and an interview with Kevin Kouba, president of Old Louisville Chamber of Commerce. (#201)