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10/9 am
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5:30/4:30 pm
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Blue Grass Cooperage

Kentucky is known for its bourbon, and the brand names of the top distillers are recognized worldwide. But another, lesser-known Louisville business also plays an important part in the bourbon-making process. Blue Grass Cooperage, founded in 1945, produces new American white oak barrels for the making of spirits and wine.

One of two major bourbon barrel manufacturers in the county, Blue Grass Cooperage turns out 1,200 to 1,900 barrels a day. This subsidiary of Brown-Forman also provides used barrels from the aging of Kentucky bourbon to makers of Scotch, sherry, rum, and tequila around the world. The flavor from the used barrel is a key ingredient in their recipes.

Cooperage, the art of barrel making, is an ancient craft, and each barrel Blue Grass produces is held to the industry’s highest standards. And their uses aren’t limited to the aging of premium spirits. Designers, architects, and others are using them around the world as trash and recycling containers in everything from amusement parks to hotels and restaurants.

To read more on the craft of barrel making, check out the cooperage page at the Crafty Owl.

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