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Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky

Healing birds of prey from the wounds of Mother Nature (and of humans) is an idea that has taken flight in a big way at Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky.

Raptors—owls, eagles, falcons, condors, ospreys, hawks, kites, and vultures—are carnivores and hunters with sharp talons, curved beaks, and keen eyesight. They help maintain the balance of nature by controlling rodents, reptiles, insects, and other prey.

Raptor Rehab is dedicated to helping these birds when they are sick, injured, or orphaned. The nonprofit organization was founded in the 1980s by Eileen Wicker, a former field representative for the U.S. Census Bureau, and her husband, John Wicker, a retired assembler for the Louisville Ford Assembly Plant. They gained their experience handling raptors during three years of working with the Raptor Rehab Program at the Louisville Zoo.

About 90% of admissions to Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky are due to human-related interference. More than half of the birds are able to be returned to the wild. Birds deemed unlikely to survive in the wild are kept for use in education programs.

Raptor Rehab welcomes volunteers who are interested in nature and the preservation of the environment as well as sponsors for its Adopt-a-Raptor program.

Raptors found in Kentucky include the red-tailed hawk, peregrine falcon, bald eagle, American kestrel, great horned owl, and Eastern screech owl. Anyone who encounters a raptor that appears to be injured or ill may call Raptor Rehab at (502) 491-1939 or the local Fish and Wildlife office for assistance.

Program 125
The restoration of the West Baden Springs Hotel in southern Indiana, the Crusade for Children telethon, historic Locust Grove, Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky, and Louisville Metro’s Office for International Affairs. (#125)