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Sister Cities of Louisville (SCLOU)

Louisville is a city with a prominent and bustling international community. So it’s no wonder that the River City was one of the first communities to join in the International Sister Cities program.

Sister Cities of Louisville developed after World War II, when President Dwight Eisenhower proposed his “People-to-People” idea. His hope was that personal relationships fostered through city, county, and state affiliations would lessen the chance of future world conflicts. Today Sister Cities International connects more than 2,100 communities in 121 countries around the world.

Louisville has eight sister cities. The first, established in 1954, was Montpellier, France. The latest is Leeds, United Kingdom, which joined the list in 2006. In between were Quito, Ecuador; Mainz, Germany; La Plata, Argentina; Tamale, Ghana; Perm, Russia; and Jiujiang, Peoples Republic of China.

The Sister Cities program offers unique opportunities for personal development and new friendships, all while helping to promote peace and cultural understanding. One of its main goals is to stimulate exchanges and projects involving global partners in the areas of economic development, education, community initiatives, arts and culture, medicine, tourism, and technology.

In 2007, Louisville received the Judges Award in the category of Arts and Culture at the Sister Cities International annual conference.

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Breast cancer surviorship, neighborhood Farmers Market, Louisville Rowing Club, Sister Cities of Louisville, and renowned adventurer and university administrator Tori Murden McClure. (#202)