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Paper Doll Quilts

Kentucky is well-known for its production and appreciation of quilts.

Through March 30, 2007, the Paper Doll Quilts of Rebekka Seigel will be on display at the Frazier International History Museum.

Seigel, a Kentucky resident, started quilting over 25 years ago. She learned the basic craft from her grandmother.

An award-winning quilt artist, Seigel uses her talent to tell the story of her life and the lives of prominent women in our nation’s history.

Seigel’s vibrant Paper Doll Quilts have evolved from a childhood love. Her creations use garments to highlight defining moments in her subjects’ lives. These garments can be manipulated to dress the doll, making the quilts uniquely interactive.

The first in the series is this Ella Fitzgerald quilt, and the project took six years to complete.

Another eye-catching quilt exhibit can be seen at the Speed Art Museum.

courtesy of Speed Art Museum These bright, bold throws were created in Gee’s Bend – a small, isolated African-American community in Alabama. They are products of four generations of 20th century women who lived and worked in solitude.

Because these quilts were made for function, the beauty of them makes them remarkable.

Gee’s Bend: Architecture of the Quilt runs through March 23rd.

More quick facts:

  • Rebekka Seigel has won awards in The American Quilt Society’s annual competition three times. She has also been included in many other national shows, including Quilt National and Visions. Her work has been included in numerous books on contemporary quiltmaking..
  • Seigel’s work has taken her across the country and as far away as Ireland, where she was an artist-in-residence in 1995.
  • Rebekka Seigel was chosen by the Governor of Kentucky to create the 11 prizes given as the Governor’s Awards in the Arts for 2000.
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