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Schimpff's Confectionery

G.A. Schimpff’s Confectionary is one of the oldest continuously operated, family-owned candy businesses in the country. In fact, the Schimpff family started making candy in Louisville in the 1850s before moving to southern Indiana in 1871.

Schimpff’s has operated at its present location, on historic Spring Street in Jeffersonville, since April 11, 1891.

Here candy is made the old-fashioned way – using antique equipment. Moreover, according to the owners, Schimpff’s may house the largest public display of hard candy making equipment and drop rolls machines in the country. It’s touches like these that make Schimpff’s candy so special.

Signature Schimpff’s sweets include hard candy fish, Modjeskas, and cinnamon red hots.

The Schimpff’s candy legacy has lasted through floods, wars … and four generations.

In 2001, the business expanded to include a demonstration area and a candy museum. Tours are very popular.

The original building also includes a 1950s soda fountain and lunchroom.

More tasty tidbits:

  • The first Schimpff to operate a candy store in Jeffersonville was Charles Schimpff, in 1871. His store was located at the corner of Spring and Chestnut. Charles left the business in order to take over his father-in-law’s wallpaper/stationary company. His brother Gustav (Gus) opened the existing candy store.
  • Gustav Schimpff Sr. included the directions for making his famous red hots in a handwritten recipe book from the 1880s.
  • Schimpff’s candy is available online, and museum tours are FREE. Click here for more information.
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Program 221
Derby City Roller Girls, Louisville independently-owned restaurants, the Fillies' Derby Ball 50th Anniversary, and the sweet history of Schimpff's Confectionery. President & CEO of Kentucky Derby Festival Mike Berry is our guest. (#221)