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Things You Don’t Know

Our "Louisville Life" Et Cetera segment features historical elements and "Did You Know?" facts related to our city. Here, we share a few more tidbits . . .

Louisville was named for King Louis XVI, but did you know that makes us one of only two major cities named for someone who was executed? The other is St. Paul, Minnesota.

The University of Louisville is, of course, seen as the great state school rival of the University of Kentucky. But did you know when it was founded in 1798, it was the first city-owned public university in the U-S?

One of the oldest high school football rivalries takes place in Louisville each year between Male and Manual. Their first face-off took place in 1893.

If you miss the big game because you can’t get away from work, you might be interested to know the term "workaholic" was coined in 1968 by a professor at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

We could get dramatic about what we think Actors Theatre means to Louisville, but an award from the American Theatre Wing might say more. ATL won a Tony Award from the wing in 1980—only the fifth regional theater to receive such an honor.

"Mad Men" fans know main character Don Draper’s favorite drink is an Old-Fashioned. But did you know it was first created in Louisville at the Pendennis Club? The classic cocktail includes—what else?—bourbon.

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