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10/9 am
on KET

5:30/4:30 pm
on KET2

Muhammad Ali Center

Furthering the ideals of its visionary founder, the Muhammad Ali Center aims to inspire visitors to explore the greatness that lies within them and to find the freedom to pursue their full potential. The innovative and immersive visitor experience, public programming, and global initiatives of the international education and cultural center carry on Ali’s ideals and continue his life’s work.

The Ali Center has named Howard L. Bingham as its first Honorary Curator of Photography. The designation honors Bingham’s professional and personal dedication to documenting Ali’s adult life as a boxer, a humanitarian, a friend, and a citizen of the world. Bingham has been a close friend of the legendary athlete and goodwill ambassador for 42 years and has shot more than a million photos of Ali—from every angle, with every expression, in every type of light, posed with young and old alike in public events around the world and in private moments at home. Visitors to the Ali Center can see some of the best of this photography in the Howard L. Bingham Gallery.

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