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Magical Louisville

We’ve always said Louisville is a magical place, but this story makes the proof appear right before your very eyes!

Louisville Life's Jayne McClew explores the city's bragging rights in the world of magic, including producing two of the country’s premier professional magicians, Mac King and Lance Burton.

David Garrard, Louisville Magic Club Also in this segment, the trick to how Louisville managed to bring magic’s two top organizations together for one show-stopping convention, we talk to magician David Garrard about the Louisville Magic Club, and hear from Mac King about why Louisville continues to draw him home.

Mac King stars in the long-running Mac King Comedy Magic Show at Harrah's, Las Vegas. The native Louisvillian learned his first magic tricks as a child under his grandfathers’ tutelage.

Mac King has performed for audiences both live and on television in Spain, Japan , Australia, Denmark, Sweden, England, Argentina, Holland, Finland, Canada, Chile and Portugal. Mac met his wife, Jennifer, at one of his shows; she was an audience member. They were married in Louisville in 1985.

Mac King performs in Louisville In addition to his Vegas show, Mac King has also turned magic into a successful business venture through the creation of a weekly syndicated comic strip (Mac King’s Magic in a Minute) and product offshoots, such as boxed magic kits (Mac King’s Magic in a Minute Suitcase-O-Magic) and toys.

Mac King and fellow renowned magician Lance Burton were childhood friends. Both were member of the Louisville Magic Club.

Manny the Magician and Mac King Our interview with Mac King was shot at Caufield's Novelty in downtown Louisville, where King worked as a young man.

The Kentucky Derby Festival provided images of Mac King from the 2007 Pegasus Parade. Mac served as “Grand Magician” during the parade.

Program 304
Louisville's magic ties; a visit to the Mellwood Arts Center; and celebrating the 50th anniversary of a popular neighborhood market. Our studio guest is Chief Robert White of the Louisville Metro Police Department. (#304)