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Crossings book

Clyde Crews, author/historian The prominent crossing in an area of downtown Louisville now called "Thomas Merton Square" has inspired a new book - Crossings.

We talk to author-historian Clyde Crews about the surprising Louisville history hes uncovered.

Father Clyde Crews was particularly inspired by a certain corner of downtown Louisville - the place where famous writer and Trappist monk Thomas Merton stood at Fourth and Walnut Streets and experienced an epiphany. Crews' personal revelation came when he began to think about the numerous other downtown noteworthy sites and wonder what may have gone on there. Crossings explores some little known historical accounts from the 40 blocks surrounding Thomas Merton Square.

Photo of Thomas MertonIntersection at Thomas Merton Square, Louisville

Father Clyde Crews drew from several important sources for the photos his book, Crossings from Bellarmine University Press. They include the U of L Photographic Archives; the Filson Historical Society and the Courier-Journal.

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