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10/9 am
on KET

5:30/4:30 pm
on KET2

Bon Vivant Savant

Food and fellowship are key ingredients for fun. But mix in the zest of unique life experiences and a generous helping of creativity and you’ve got Bon Vivant Savant (BVS) – a popular dining and event club that is teaching Louisvillians how to "Live Well. Live Wisely."

Whether you're new in town or just looking for what's new in your hometown, there's something on the menu for everyone: from underground dinners and food-filled theater hops to unique, themed wine dinners and happy hours.

We introduce you to Jo Self - the mastermind behind this fledgling food fraternity - and show you how BVS is making dining out in Louisville a real adventure.

Special thanks to Ivor Chodkowski and Field Day Farm, the location of the featured BVS Speakeasy.

Field Day Family Farm is also the location of the Food Literacy Project, which was featured on "Louisville Life" in Season Two.

The charity which benefited from the featured Speakeasy was the Louisville Salvation Army's Culinary Training Program, led by nationally-recognized Chef Timothy Tucker.

Chef Tucker and his crew also prepared the meal for this event.

Program 406
Louisville's "Fame" school and memories of some of its brightest stars; see what's cooking with the Bon Vivant Savant dining club; and the story of a Louisville native who found his life’s work in the Far East and became a national hero to the Japanese. Plus, green living with Merridian Home Furnishings. (#406)