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Bonnie Blincoe, Glass-Bead Artist

Bonnie Blincoe

Bonnie Blincoe began creating hand-made glass beads in 1994 after studying under Kate Fowle in Washington, DC and later under Donovan Boutz. She has been a member of the Society of Glass Beadmakers since 1994 and learns more techniques at each of the society’s yearly national conferences. Bonnie is also a member of the Louisville Craftsman’s Guild.

BonnieMost of the glass rods Bonnie uses are imported from the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, and Japan. She also sometimes uses American glass, including authentic Blenko glass from her distant cousins, who own the Blenko Glass Co. in Milton, WV.

Bonnie’s glass beads and jewelry have been juried into the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program and are sold in many fine galleries and shops in Kentucky. And one of her beads is in the permanent display of the work of contemporary American glass beadmakers at the Bead Museum, located in Glendale, AZ. Bonnie also teaches glass beadmaking classes in her studio, demonstrates glass beadmaking in galleries, and makes presentations in schools in Kentucky. Through these activities, she says, she hopes to encourage others to explore and enjoy the modern version of this ancient form of artistic expression.

Program 409

The Meet the Remarkable Clarks drama at Locust Grove, the Kentucky Folk Art Center at Morehead State University, a demonstration of bead making from Bonnie Blincoe, and music by Carla Van Hoose. (#409)


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