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A showcase of Kentucky’s best and brightest performers, featuring music, dance, dramatic readings, poetry, and more.
Ars Femina

Ars Femina is a Louisville musical group nationally known for its efforts to discover and recover music written by women composers before 1800. This chamber group has given the world more than 1,500 classical music compositions written by women—compositions that had largely been forgotten before the Ars Femina research trips, recordings, and performances resurrected that portion of music history. The Ars Femina members’ crusade to “write women back into music history” won the group’s 1994 opera recording a Top 10 of the Year honor from the British Broadcasting Company. Their CDs and music scores, both published by Ars Femina’s own publishing company, are distributed worldwide.

For the KET broadcast, the group consisted of Marina Nielson, cello; Jim Oxyer, harpsichord; William Bauer and Patricia Ahern, violins; and Linda DeRungs and Cecilia Amorocho Hickerson, sopranos.

Holiday Special with Jean Ritchie
Jean Ritchie, Ars Femina, and students from the Governor’s School for the Arts present sounds of the season. (#203)

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