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In Performance at the Governor's Mansion
A showcase of Kentucky’s best and brightest performers, featuring music, dance, dramatic readings, poetry, and more.
River City Drum Corp

Founded in 1993 by Louisvillian Ed White, the River City Drum Corp is a group of children and young adults between the ages of 4 and 20 who have been trained in African drumming techniques and materials as well as the richness of African culture.

But the Drum Corp is far more than just a musical group: It is an organization that provides its members with a blueprint for success in life. Each young drummer makes his or her own drum, using materials found in the environment. They learn through apprenticeships—not just about African drumming, but also about the skills needed for personal, academic, and social success. They are responsible for the Corp’s business accounting and scheduling, and after every performance each member writes an essay about the experience.

On the Road at the Mountain Arts Center, Prestonsburg
A tribute to community arts groups with the Lexington Singers, the River City Drum Corp, the Hoedown Island Cloggers, and the Kentucky Opry. (#403)

Ashland Inc.
Seasons 2-5 were made possible
by a generous grant from Ashland Inc.

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