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Jay P. Davidson, The Healing Place

In 1989, members of the Jefferson County Medical Society founded the JCMS Outreach Program, Inc. (JCMS-O) in the belief that a dedicated medical group could bring together previously uncommitted professional organizations to work toward social betterment in the community through a center that would supply social support and medical assistance to the homeless, the hungry, and the addicted.

JCMS-O, now called the Healing Place, seeks to discover and alleviate the underlying causes of homelessness. As President and CEO Jay P. Davidson explains in his Louisville Life visit, the primary contributor to the onset of homelessness—and a major reason why it’s so hard to reverse—is drug and alcohol addiction. Because recovery from addiction will have a positive impact on other aspects of life, the Healing Place welcomes its clients into a program of habilitation/rehabilitation and recovery designed to sustain their desire and will to recover and build a meaningful and self-sufficient life. Another critical component of the approach is the continued assistance they receive even after the formal program is completed.

That approach has been successful in helping men and women gain freedom from both addiction and homelessness for more than 15 years. The Healing Place has garnered national recognition for its efforts, and its model is being reproduced in 10 communities throughout Kentucky through the Recovery Kentucky project. Davidson says that the Healing Place is also working with groups in Chicago; Indianapolis; Cincinnati; Richmond, IN; Evansville, IN; and Muskegon, MI to develop similar centers.

Program 109
The 60th anniversary of Stage One, Louisville’s nationally acclaimed professional theater for young audiences; Waldorf School; poetry at the Jazz Factory; and Jay P. Davidson, executive director of the Healing Place. (#109)