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Paddy DeGeorge, Frazier International History Museum

Paddy DeGeorge Paddy DeGeorge is exhibits/programs coordinator at the Frazier International History Museum - the place "Where History is Happening!"

In 2009, the Frazier held a special exhibit that echoed spring and summer adventures of Louisville's past.

The museum’s Fontaine Ferry Park exhibit which ran May 16 - September 8, 2009, was a 3,800-square-foot temporary exhibit that corresponds with the anniversary of the Louiville amusement park’s closing 40 years ago.

The exhibit traced the 64-acre park’s history from its heyday to closing day - documenting the park’s beginnings as a boat landing in 1814, through the Great Depression and the 1937 flood to the attraction’s demise amid the effects of urban flight and racial tensions of the civil rights movement. The exhibit featured over 200 original artifacts including wooden carousel horses, penny-arcade machines and an array of entertainment items.

Paddy DeGeorge with Candyce Clifft The Frazier Museum is hosted several special events and educational programs related to Fontaine Ferry.

Fountaine Ferry photographs and memorabillia were gathered for this exhibit from visitors, collectors and other sources - one of whom is Louisville antique dealer Joe Ley.

The Frazier International History Museum brings history to life everyday through live interpretations by costumed interpreters, multimedia presentations, educational programming and hands-on learning.

Covering 1,000 years of history, the museum’s priceless collection is housed in a 100,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility on downtown Louisville’s historic West Main Street.

The Frazier Museum is the only institution to have a partnership with the British Royal Armouries, making it the only museum of its kind in the world.

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