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Burger's Market

John Burger, Jr.

The cash registers arenít the only things ringing at Burgerís Market. In 2008, the Highland neighborhood grocer is ringing in 50 years of serving the community.

The market has been in business on Ray Avenue at Grinstead Drive since 1958, begun by John Burger, Jr. His children - Tony (John III) and Jeff Burger and their sister, Jolene Burger Cross - have been running the store since 1978.

The specialty at Burger's is meat, particularly country ham. The market also offers a special selection of gourmet foods.

A mainstay in a growing world of corporate chains, the family-owned Burgerís market is still going strong. In this Louisville Life story, the history and the people behind this popular bazaar and why they have the neighborhood grocery biz in the bag.

Program 304
Louisville's magic ties; a visit to the Mellwood Arts Center; and celebrating the 50th anniversary of a popular neighborhood market. Our studio guest is Chief Robert White of the Louisville Metro Police Department. (#304)