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Comedy Caravan

Need a good laugh? You can find it in Louisville, Ky., at one of the top comedy clubs in the nation.

Since 1987, Louisville’s Comedy Caravan has entertained thousands of people and has helped launch the careers of many well-known comedians (including internationally-known Heywood Banks).

The club has a new owner these days - Darrell Holladay – but the man who started it all, national booking agent Tom Sobel, is still around. In this segment, we get the latest on life ... and laughs ... at this Highlands neighborhood hot spot.

Over the years Comedy Caravan has expanded its entertainment offerings. The club added live music to the bill, offering the Jazz Factory orphans a venue to jam when the Factory closed.

In addition, Comedy Caravan serves the Louisville community by hosting many fundraisers each month. Comedy classes are also available.

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Program 410
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