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Louisville History Photo Books

Two recently published books about Louisville give you a look at our past and a yardstick for our future. Look for Louisville Then and Now and Historic Photos of Louisville in local bookstores.

Greater Louisville Inc. (the Metro Chamber of Commerce) partnered with Butler Books and the University of Louisville Photographic Archives to present Louisville Then and Now. This 240-page collection of vintage and contemporary photographs conveys the story of Louisville’s growth and evolution.

Historic Photos of Louisville was published by Turner Publishing Company. From the Civil War through the Depression era and on to the building of a modern metropolis, this volume follows life, government, education, and events throughout the city’s history. Photos included in this book are also from the U of L Photographic Archives.

Program 113
Renowned hand doctors Harold E. Kleinert and Joseph E. Kutz, Louisville history caught on film, museum-quality bike racks downtown, and Debbie Scoppechio of Creative Alliance. (#113)