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The Brennan House and Preservation Louisville

Brennan House Brennan House Brennan House

Occupied as late as 1969, The Brennan House is a three story Victorian mansion in Old Louisville, built in 1868, that is filled with an entirely original family collection.

Thomas Brennan, a native of Ireland and a prominent inventor of the day, moved into the six-bedroom house with his wife, Anna Bruce, in 1884. They had nine children, eight of whom survived into adulthood and grew up in the house.

The last Brennans moved from the house in 1969 and it was presented in the family's name to The Filson Club.

Today, the Brennan House remains virtually unchanged since the Victorian era and is listed on the National Register.

Preservation Louisville In January 2008, the Board of the Brennan House Historic Home voted to change the mission of the organization and to add the role of preservation advocacy. However, they continue to act as a Heritage Center and to preserve the Brennan House along with the original family collection.

In June 2008, the Board chose the name Preservation Louisville, Inc. to reflect the importance of historic preservation.

Hear what Marianne Zickhur of Preservation Louisville had to say during her visit to "Louisville Life".

Program 506
In this "Louisville Life", flip through the pages of David Inman's book, "Louisville Television", tour the historic Brennan House and get details on a very special holiday attraction at the Galt House Hotel. (#506)