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Earth Day - Green Businesses

In honor of Earth Day, "Louisville Life" profiles two local companies that lower energy costs while helping the environment.

For residential consumers, Ourstar audits its customers' homes to find their particular energy solutions. Ourstar owner, Tim Schuring, can be reached by email at

Earthwell Energy Management contracts with businesses and schools to lower their energy costs through a variety of strategic methods. A one-stop shop, Earthwell designs, installs and services products that are tailored to their clients' needs.

Both businesses are dedicated to the same solution: lightening the load on our fragile environment.

In addition to companies like these that can help make a difference with energy consumption, there are also green options for the products people use.

Westport Village's Amazing Green Planet and Baxter Avenue's Bluegrass Green Company are just two examples of businesses that help people go green.

See what else you'll find at Westport Village in our "Louisville Life" segment.

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