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10/9 am
on KET

5:30/4:30 pm
on KET2

Glass Art Society (GAS)Conference 2010

Louisville is a growing mecca for glass art. This is evident in the decision of the Glass Art Society (GAS) to hold its 40th annual conference in here in June 2010.

Louisville Life visits with architect and glass artist Ken vonRoenn of Glassworks and Architectural Glass Art, who will be presenter at the 2010 GAS Conference, to get a clearer picture of the growth and importance of the medium in the region.

This segment also includes an interview with Stacey Yates of the Louiville CVB, to learn what the GAS Conference and other high-profile events mean to the city-at-large.

For more on local glass art and artists, check out our Louisville Life segements on the Cressman Center for Visual Arts, Hawks View Gallery and Cafe, and Stephen Rolfe Powell.

Program 425
"Louisville Life" looks at a new documentary about the Louisville Orchestra, visits with the Glass Art Society, meets the artist behind a unique multimedia exhibit at the 21c Museum Hotel, and more. (#425)