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Apple Patch

Apple Patch is a dream decades in the making. In 1988, a group of parents of adults with mental retardation founded Apple Patch to begin planning a safe place where their children could live and work independently. As was fairly standard at the time, it was first envisioned as a place just for them. But as the planners researched the possibilities, they began running across studies demonstrating the benefits of a more inclusive approach. So now the plan, unique in Kentucky and unusual anywhere, calls for a mixed community where adults with and without mental retardation will live and work side by side.

That community is taking shape on a 47-acre site in Oldham County. A mix of single-family homes and apartments, it will also include a community center and a central park. In the summer of 2005, volunteers from around the country helped build the community’s spiritual center, a chapel and memorial garden.

Apple Patch also offers a day program with classes in reading, music, social skills, money management, cooking, and other topics to help adults with mental retardation lead more independent and fulfilling lives.

Program 121
Tracing your roots, Apple Patch, Brightside, Cathedral of the Assumption, and U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth. (#121)