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10/9 am
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5:30/4:30 pm
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Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky

It's the rehab where birds are celebs and the concerns aren't addictions, but injured wings, beaks and talons. "Louisville Life" takes you to Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky in Louisville, to watch new hope take flight.

Raptor Rehab Raptor Rehab Raptor Rehab

Formed by a dedicated volunteer group during the mid-1980's, the rehab center incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1990. Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky, Inc., is dedicated to rehabilitating injured raptors, raising orphaned birds of prey, and increasing public awareness about the importance of raptors.

More details can be found in our Season One Et Cetera segment.

To report a raptor in distress, please contact the Raptor Rehab Rescue Line at 502-491-1939.

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