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10/9 am
on KET

5:30/4:30 pm
on KET2

Pyro Gallery

Louisville’s Main Street is lined with boutiques and art galleries. One such gallery includes work from about 20 artists. The variety in Pyro Inc., more commonly known as Pyro Gallery, is deliberate … and a cooperative venture.

Pyro’s members are both owners and employees – not only creating art but handling routine office work for the gallery as well. We talk to C.J. Pressma, artist and founding member of Pyro, about the gallery’s history and growing success. This story also includes an interview with Pyro Gallery member Collis Caroline Marshall.

Pyro Gallery opened in September 2003 and is sustained by monthly membership dues and a percentage of income from art sales. The gallery moved to its current location at 624 W. Main Street in September 2006.

The name “Pyro” comes from the gallery’s original location, a fire house on Hancock Street.

Pyro is part of the First Friday Trolley Hop; there are new exhibitions in the main floor gallery approximately every six weeks.

Program 312
Father-and-son columnists Byron and Eric Crawford, Chef Dean Corbett, Pyro Gallery art co-op and opera legend Moritz Bomhard. (#312)