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Whitehall House & Gardens

Louisville’s Whitehall House & Gardens opened to the public in 1994. The historic home and wedding venue has since become a favorite attraction.

Located at 3110 Lexington Road, Whitehall is believed to have been built in 1855 by John Marshall. Originally, the home was a modest two-story brick house in the Italianate stule, but many renovations throughout the years have transformed Whitehall into the Southern-style Greek Revival mansion we know today.

Wings were added to each side of the house, with an additional one in the back. The portico, columns and the circular driveway in front of the house are additions.

The grand fireplace replaces a back door in the center hall, the 12-foot ceilings on the first floor have been raised to 14-feet, and an entire room from the original house is now a dramatic staircase.

In 1924, Whitehall was bought as a family residence by Hume Logan, a local ironworks entrepreneur.

Hume Logan, Jr., purchased the home after his father’s death. He lived as a bachelor at Whitehall from 1951 until his own death, at age 94, in 1992. His portrait hangs in Whitehall’s “red parlor.”

A favorite room of visitors Many of Whitehall’s furnishings are antiques, dating from the 1830s to the 1870s. The home’s interior reflects how it was in 1909.

Hume Logan, Jr., bequeathed the mansion, many of its furnishings and the gorgeous Victorian gardens to the Historic Homes Foundation to be used as a permanent museum.

In addition to Whitehall, the Historic Homes Foundation also maintains Farmington and The Thomas Edison House in the Butchertown neighborhood. Both of those properties have been featured on Louisville Life.

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