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Terry Boyd

Terry Boyd is a reporter for the Louisville publication Business First. He had previously worked for the magazine in the 1990s but left with his young family in 1999 to take a job with Stars and Stripes. The military publication sent him to dramatic and dangerous assignments in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo.

While abroad, Boyd and his family lived in such places as Turkey and Germany. His travels were often filled with drama; Stars and Stripes sent him wherever the troops were. Boyd even served as his own photographer during assignments in Iraq.

In this segment, Boyd talks about his assignments overseas and why, early in 2007, he and wife Cheryl (below left) chose to move their family back to the U.S.—and back to Louisville.

Program 207
Meet Louisvillian Terry Boyd, an embedded reporter who was sent on assignment to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kosovo; a retrospective of the work of Stratton Hammon, one of Kentucky's most famous architects; a visit with retired broadcaster Liz Everman; and the facts about Mary Anderson, a late 19th century actress who grew up in Louisville. (#207)