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Louisville Water Company

The folks at the Louisville Water Company aren't wet behind the ears! They have provided safe drinking water to the people of Louisville for more than 140 years!

Louisville's drinking water was voted "Best Tasting Water in America" by The American Water Works Association (AWWA). Louisville Water Company (LWC) won the national title the summer of 2008 at the national AWWA conference in Atlanta.

The company named its water "Pure Tap" about 11 years ago as part of a campaign encouraging customers to drink tap water.

Louisville Water Company has provided water to the area since 1860.

Water Tower The founders of Louisville Water Company wanted the water works to be visually pleasing. The Water Tower at Zorn Avenue is a monument to Greek architecture. The gatehouse at the reservoir is modeled after the castles along the Rhine River. The founders believed if the facilities looked beautiful, people might be more accepting of the water company. The original pumping station and the water tower at Zorn Avenue are no longer used, but are landmarks in our community. Both are listed on the National Registry of Historic Places and have undergone recent renovations.

The Louisville Water Company serves approximately one million customers in Louisville Metro and surrounding counties.

In this story, Louisville Life takes you inside the operation to show you how it's making such a big splash.

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Louisville Life finds out why Louisville's water was voted number one by the American Water Works Association, visits Louisville Stoneware, goes rolling on the river on The Belle and more. (#314)