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10/9 am
on KET

5:30/4:30 pm
on KET2

ear X-tacy 25th Anniversary

Louisville fixture ear-X-tacy celebrates 25 years!

In this feature segment, "Louisville Life" talks to store founder John Timmons about its start and why ear X-tacy continues to provide music to our ears.

In 1985, the first ear X-tacy was born in Louisville, KY. Over the next 10 years, ear X-tacy went through various moves until finding a permanent home on Bardstown Road in 1995.

ear-X-tacy sells a huge selection of music from all genres, with many titles from local artists. In addtion to CDs and DVDs, ear-X-tacy sells t-shirts, toys, and other items.

The store is known for its in-store performances. One of the most memorable ear-X-tacy performances was on July 4, 2000, when the Foo Fighters played.

ear-X-tacy is a member of Keep Louisville Weird. Learn more about it in our Season One feature story.

Update: After 26 years of operation, ear X-tacy closed its doors in the fall of 2011.

Program 414
"Louisville Life" lights the birthday candles at ear X-tacy, paints the town with wildlife artist Ray Harm, learn about preserving Louisville's architectural treasures and more. (#414)