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10/9 am
on KET

5:30/4:30 pm
on KET2

Guy Tedesco, Artist

Guy Tedesco Sculpture by Guy Tedesco

Guy Tedesco is an artist and sculptor whose studio is located in southern Indiana, at the beautiful Mount St. Francis, in a repurposed old barn. Mount Saint Francis is a multi-purpose complex owned by Franciscan Friars as a residence and a sacred space of welcome.

Guy Tedesco's work spans many artistic styles and media. Mount St. Francis inspires Tedesco and his art, which has been exhibited throughout the world.

From his vision statement: "The focus of my career is in the fine arts with an emphasis on creating sculpture. I utilize any medium and artistic style at my disposal to best make my vision of a particular project into reality. I see art by its simplest definition as a means of communication. Whether the message is an expression of deep multi-layered theological concepts or a simple reminder to relax and enjoy life, I feel that art should always express something..."

Mount St. Francis Seminary is also home to the Mary Anderson Center for the Arts. The center's namesake, a well-known actress in her day, donated the property to the Franciscan Order.

Program 507
In this "Louisville Life", sculptor Guy Tedesco, a visit to the Kentucky Derby Museum and a major milestone in medicine with Louisville roots. Plus, the Reverend Al Shands talks about receiving a prestigious arts award.