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Juergan K. Tossmann, Bunbury Theatre

Juergan Tossmann Juergen K. Tossmann is the producing/artistic director of Louisville’s Bunbury Theatre. A graduate of Otterbein College, Juergan began his professional theater career in 1978 and has directed more than 60 productions. At Bunbury, he has produced more than 50 plays since taking over in 1991. Juergan is also an accomplished actor and playwright: He has written several children’s plays and adaptations, and Bunbury staged his first play for adult audiences, Salvage Yard.

At the time Juergan came to Bunbury, the company was in debt. He set to work to reverse the downward slide, and his leadership has brought financial stability as well as a renewed commitment to artistic integrity within the organization.

Juergan has worked at several other Kentuckiana-area theater companies, including Actors Theatre of Louisville, Stage One, and Derby Dinner Playhouse. He spent nine seasons with the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival in a variety of positions and co-founded the improvisational theater company Kudzu. And he has worked with a variety of arts organizations and elementary schools as a drama consultant.

Program 106

Juergen K. Tossmann, Producing/Artistic Director, Bunbury Theatre; Julie Schweitzer, Sculptor, Zephyr Gallery; Tim King, Executive Director, The Louisville Orchestra (#106)

Program 304

Our guests include: Trevor Cushman, Executive Director of the Louisville Ballet; Heather O'Mara, Public Relations Officer of LVAA and Dan Church, Architect on to talk about "Design Days 2000"; Juergen Tossmann, Producing/Artistic Director of the Bunbury Theatre; the camera crew went to the McGee Family exhibit at Bellarmine College; and jazz music by the Steve Crews Trio. (#304)

Program 432

Juergen Tossman, producing/artistic director of Bunbury Theatre; international violin soloist and recording artist Gregory Fulkerson; and Paducah filmmaker and photographer Avery Crounse. (#432)

Program 451

Music and conversation with classical violinist Gregory Fulkerson, Bunbury Theatre’s Juergen Tossman, and the film and photography of Avery Crounse. (#451)


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