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Tripp Bratton, Musician

Tripp Bratton

Tripp Bratton embraces a wide array of artistic media. As a percussionist, his diverse range of stylistic capacity has enabled him to perform with the Lexington Philharmonic, The Pride of Cincinnati Drum and Bugle Corps, the Primary Rhythm and Riff Revue (performance art/musical poetry), African percussion Performances with Syncopated Inc. (dance), Marvin Hamlish, Gail Wynters (jazz, soul), the Nego Gato Band (Brazilian), Og Pots (progressive,Avant Garde), Round Trip Sounds (reggae/Caribbean), Ibou and Friends (West African), Bela Fleck (jazz/bluegrass fusion), the Bruce Lewis Band (jazz,rhythm and blues),and the Gideon Foli Alorwoyie Ensemble (African percussion/dance). He has also produced numerous recording sessions at Toontown Recording Studio and in his own studio at One Circle Productions, where he continues his work. Tripp's current performance equipment includes: a MalletKat (operated much like a vibraphone) that controls a complex digital soundstation comprised of various synthesizer and percussion modules, triggered by the mallet pads; a synthesizer, and a variety of African/Latin percussion instruments featuring the djembe drum, congas, xylophone, and drumset.

Program 110

Cheryl Skinner and Tripp Bratton, Musicians; Shelly Zegart, Exhibit Curator, "Kentucky Quilts: Roots and Wings"; Julie Ice, Public Relations Officer, Louisville Visual Art Association; Ken Clay, Director of Cultural Diversity, Kentucky Center for the Arts (#110)

Program 116

Anastasia McGlothlin & Lynn Slaughter, Co-Artistic Directors, Art! Art! Barking Dog Dance Company; John England, Glass Blower; Orville Hammond, Pianist (#116)

Program 120

"Best of Musical Guests" (#120)


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