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Rosemaree Hamby Huff, Doll Maker

Rosemaree Huff is a native of Cumberland County Tennessee. She grew up being exposed to both modern and very primitive Appalachian culture. As a child both her grandmas taught her how to sew simple rag dolls using materials found around the house. This activity provided a good sewing lesson as well as being fun. Currently, Rosemaree creates dolls for others to love and pass on. She makes very simple cloth dolls using homemade patterns and memories from her past. Each doll is unique and seems to have its own personality. When Rosemaree creates a doll she hopes others see more than a doll, but see women, children, and men who were rugged, strong, and proud. She sees centuries past in their eyes. Ms. Huff tries to express her own feelings about life's hard and good times. She uses recycled materials such as sawdust, muslin, natural sheep wool, and discarded makeup to create works from her heart. She has no fromal art training, and is an advocate for promoting self-taught artists. Rosemaree has been commisioned to make dolls for Governor Paul Pattons' Derby guests from the Japanese delegation, and has exhibited in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, the Loudan House Gallery of the Lexington Art League, and the Museum of American Folk Art in New York.

Program 114

Rosemaree Huff, Doll Maker; Dick Sisto, Musician & Penny Sisto, Fiber Artist; Grace Poganski, Public Relations, Louisville Film and Video Festival (#114)

Program 210

Tonight we re-introduce you to some of your favorite artists! (#210)


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