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Gil Hibben, Artist in Steel

Gil Hibben

What began as a hobby has turned into a career for Gil Hibben. He has been making knives for over 40 years. His knives are not just functional, they are a work of art.

Gil's business really took off when, in 1965, one of his knives was featured on the cover of "Gun's & Ammo." knives
Since then, Gil's custom-made knives can be seen in the movies; "Rambo III," "Under Siege," "Time Cop," and "Star Trek Generations." In fact, because of is great sucess with science fiction weapons, he has been named official Klingon armorer by Paramount.

lionWhen Gil is not busy in his studio making knives, he enjoys expressing his musical talents. He has been heard singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir as well as the award winning Thoroughbred Barbaershop Chorus. Gil plays guitar as well as "rhythm bones" - which he learned from his father.

knifeBeing a bit of an outsdoorman, Gil also enjoys hunting and riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. In addition to everything mentioned above, Gil is also a martial arts expert, holding a black belt in judo as well as a third degree black belt in Kenpo karate.

Program 207

Gil Hibben, Custom Knife Maker & Artist in Steel; Barrett Cooper, Walden Theatre; Nada Loutfi, Concert Pianist. (#207)

Program 210

Tonight we re-introduce you to some of your favorite artists! (#210)


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