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Richard Luce, Artist

Richard Luce

Richard Luce is an artist of Italian descent presently living in Kentucky. He was born and raised in Yonkers, NY, attended art school in Poughkeepsie, then worked in Manhattan at Hayden Publishing Co. as an assistant art director for eight years. During that time he was developing his artistic style Richard Artwhile painting in the evenings. He remembers how good it felt to come home after work and paint for 3 or 4 hours. After experimenting with different subjects, his love of history and the American West won out. He states,"When I was young the paintings I most enjoyed looking at were those of Frederic Remington and I still get a chill when I stand in front of one." Painting Western subjects comes naturally to this artist. His interest and fascination with American Indians with the free roaming way of life and solid values has enabled him to produce paintings of unequaled excellence. When Richard is not painting in his studio he is out somewhere doing research, taking photos or collecting some good Cowboy and Indian artifacts.

Over the last 20 years he has painted, traveled, studied and tried to be the best artist that he could. He likes to say, "The most important thing is to never be satisfied with what you've done, always try to do better."

Richard moved to an idyllic setting in Crestwood,Kentucky better suited to him. A dedicated father and husband, this lover of history is doing what he was born to do and only hopes that others find pleasure while viewing his work.

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